tirsdag 22. mai 2012

Kind of a Bridal Shower

OK.To write in english is not my strongest suit, but I know I have to challenge myself - so this will be in english. (At least I hope it will be - please forgive me for my bad grammar and spelling!! ;) )
It's important to me that Cherylyn understand everything I write here.

Our friend Rune is getting married this summer. To his lovely Cherylyn.
She has never lived in Bergen, so Ingelin, Berit and I thought it would be nice to get to know Cherylyn before she moves here. That's not easy when the boyfriend is around ;) So we asked Rune if we could borrow her for a night. And he said it was ok. 
So we planned kind of a bridal shower..

Taco for dinner :)
A bridal shower must have gifts for the bride.

Lipglos and nailpolish :)

A  lot of nailpolish :)

A rosary

Something to dress the apartment ;)

Foot cream :)

And naturally, on a girls night, we had to have dessert:
strawberry, blueberry, chocolate and ice cream! :)

And a movie,
Cherylyn's choice was 
Brides Maids.

Ready for the movie! :)

It was a funny movie..

We had a good time, we got to know this lovely girl 
a little bit better,
and we are so glad that Rune has found a girl like Cherylyn. 
She is a really beautiful girl - inside out!

We look forward to more nights with the girls 
when you move here, Cherylyn!


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